Waste Collection Permits

A waste collection permit is required by any person or organisation seeking to transport waste. This includes companies that see themselves as waste management service providers and companies which may not be solely providing waste solution but may need to transport waste such as hauliers, builders and vehicle recovery drivers.

Sherwin Environmental can ensure your permit application is smooth and efficient. We discuss your current and future business plans and make sure your permit application reflects your needs.

We manage the application process for you ensuring the application is complete on submission and deal with follow up requests for further information from the NWCPO.

Reporting and Recording Keeping

Waste collectors and facility operators are required to keep records of all waste movements concerning their company and their permits. These records must be compiled into environmental reports at least once per year and kept on file for seven years.

Sherwin Environmental can provide a full record keeping and environmental reporting service to waste operators. This involves the operator submitting tip dockets and any other information on a weekly/monthly basis by email or post. Sherwin Environmental gradually compiles environmental reports for early submission and keeps digital records on your behalf.

General Consulting and Advice Service

Sherwin Environmental can assist you in many aspects of your waste management. From facility permit applications, End-of-life vehicle management, and advice on dealing with hazardous or rare waste types. We also prepare waste management plans, environmental management systems and emergency response procedures.

C&D Waste Specialists

Sherwin Environmental specialises in sourcing local outlets for inert construction and demolition wastes such as soil, concrete and bricks. Sherwin Environmental can arrange for licensed hauliers to remove materials from your site and ensures that the material is reused to develop land such as farm-land and construction projects. The outlets used are always as local as possible to minimize cost and unnecessary mileage. Sites accepting your waste are always registered waste facilities and a certificate of disposal is issued for every job.